M.O.T. Health Checks

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Online bookings are only available to residents of Northern Ireland. If you live outside Northern Ireland please book your appointment through our appointment line on 028 90803344.

These health check appointments are for men or women aged over 16. These health checks do not diagnose cancer but aim to increase awareness of our current health and the importance of early detection. Each appointment will last around 25 minutes and will include up to four of the available six tests.

When choosing the tests you would like carried out please note the following:

  • A three hour fast is necessary before the cholesterol and glucose tests.
  • Cholesterol and glucose tests cannot be carried out if suffering from a bleeding disorder or on blood thinning medication (e.g. Warfarin).
  • Body composition test cannot be carried out if you have any internally implanted medical devices (e.g. pacemaker).

Please complete all of the information below, select your tests and choose an available date and time for your appointment.

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Full legal name e.g. Elizabeth not Liz.

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Step 3 - GP Details

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If you cannot see your GP listed here, you may need to check with your GP about the surgery details.

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Participants must be over the age of 16 to take part in these health checks

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